Letter from the Executive Director

Kwick/ September 16, 2014/ Special Features

By: Clark McKown, Ph.D., Executive Director

Over the past two weeks, I did a completely non-scientific poll of colleagues, friends, and family. The results were striking. Every single respondent reported that that this summer flew by with unprecedented speed!

Most also reported that the school year snuck up on, causing sudden changes to the rhythms of life. For some, the return to the school routine provides welcome structure. For others, it crowds already busy lives. For all, the return to school has brought at least a twinge of worry, at the core of which lies some variant of the question, “Will my child(ren) be okay this year?”

The beginning of the school year is full of challenge, promise, and possibility. New teachers. New and harder schoolwork. The excitement of learning. A fresh start. Perhaps a new school. The coming together of old friends, and the possibility of making new ones.

I encourage you to take a moment to catch your breath and enjoy this edition of the RNBC newsletter. As you consider what you can do to set your children up for success this year, the articles in this volume offer what we hope is helpful food for thought.

This transition period is a time of challenge and opportunity. These two ingredients are absolutely essential to growth. As you make this transition, I wish you the pleasure of seeing your children hit new milestones as they meet and overcome the obstacles life presents them.

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