Who We Are


At Rush NeuroBehavioral Center, we’re all about kids. RNBC is a unique place, where a team of clinical, education, and research professionals believe strongly in building on the strengths of children, teens, and young adults.

We know that children want to be successful at school, at home, and with friends. We also know that with neurobehavioral issues, there are specific therapies, types of counseling, medications, and educational programs that can help children overcome their challenges and realize their full potential.

Our clinicians assess and treat children who have trouble learning, making friends and building relationships, controlling behavior, using written or spoken language, or processing and communicating verbal and nonverbal information because of brain-based difficulties. We also treat children and families with associated problems such as anxiety and depression.

Our clinical work reflects the latest research on what works. Our research department supports this goal through the active pursuit of new knowledge to increase our understanding of the nature, assessment, and treatment of the challenges facing our clients.

Our education professionals are experts in understanding the challenges children face when they have executive function deficits. They provide tutoring for students, professional development for teachers, educational programming for schools, and executive function curricula so that educators can extend the training to others.