SELweb is a series of web-based systems to assess key dimensions of children’s social-emotional comprehension.

SELweb Middle School (SELweb MS)

We are currently looking for children in grades 6–8 to complete some computer-based activities to help us develop and validate a brand new social-emotional assessment called SELweb Middle School (SELweb MS). Participation takes about 90 minutes and can be completed remotely via Zoom, and children receive a $30 gift card for participating. 

We are also looking for school districts interested in administering SELweb MS in their 6th-8th grade classrooms. Click here to view details on the SELweb MS assessment and study.

Click HERE to request more information, or contact our study coordinator Ashley Karls at

This project is currently in development (IES R305A200220) and will measure social-emotional skills in youth from sixth to eighth grade. Visit our Studies Open to Enrollment page to see this and other projects currently recruiting.

SELweb Early Elementary (SELweb EE) measures social-emotional skills in youth from kindergarten through third grade. An optional peer nomination module assesses peer acceptance and the classroom social network.

SELweb Late Elementary (SELweb LE) measures social-emotional skills in youth from fourth through sixth grade.