EF Challenges

Executive Function Challenges

In diagnosing various learning difficulties, Executive Function skill issues often go unnoticed. Children struggle through the learning process without understanding why. They are sometimes labeled under-achievers, lazy, or purposely not working up to their potential. Bright children are unable to demonstrate their talents because problems get in the way.  RNBC can help!

How to tell if a child is experiencing Executive Function challenges

Children with Executive Function issues may exhibit some of the following problems or difficulties:

Trouble Organizing Work

    • Has difficulty identifying what material to record in note taking
    • When given three or more things to do…remembers only the first or the last thing to do
    • Has difficulty getting started on tasks, which may appear as oppositional behavior

Trouble Completing Tasks

  • Starts tasks but may not finish
  • Doesn’t check to insure that each step is completed
  • Written work is poorly organized
  • Doesn’t check work before submitting it
  • Has good ideas but doesn’t get the job done

Trouble Managing Materials

  • Starts assignments/tasks without necessary materials
  • Loses important papers or assignments
  • Cannot find clothes, shoes, toys, books, pencils, etc.
  • Fails to turn in completed work

Trouble Managing Time

  • Does not leave enough time to complete tasks
  • Wastes time doing small projects and fails to do big projects
  • Over-estimates or under-estimates time on needed tasks
  • Runs out of time before completing assignments/tasks

Trouble Managing Attention

  • Skips steps in multi-step tasks
  • Has difficulty relating to a story chronologically
  • Appears distractible and/or impulsive
  • Has difficulty making transitions and/or coping with the unforeseen

Social Difficulties

  • Exhibits inappropriate or over-reactive responses to situations
  • “Jumps the gun” socially
  • Picks smaller, immediate rewards over larger, delayed rewards
  • Doesn’t realistically evaluate performance in school