Programs for Schools


The Educational Services team at Rush NeuroBehavioral Center provides consultative services for both public and private schools to implement school-based Executive Function Programs.

The consultative services usually include the following elements, though additional sessions or special meetings may be arranged to address particular issues or needs:

Professional Development

During training, each teacher will receive a copy of the RNBC Executive Functions Curriculum Notebook. An implementation plan specific to the requirements of the school will be developed and will include specific information and hands-on activities that can be applied in the classroom in these areas.

  1. Foundational units (Classroom Structure, Materials and Time Management)
  2. Study Strategies (Memory, Following Directions, Note Taking, Test Preparation)
  3. Personal Growth Units (Goal Setting, Decision Making, Learning Strengths)

Full or Half-Day On-Site Consultation Sessions

Schools may request from three to four on-site consultation sessions, depending on the needs of individual teachers and classes. Sessions include Executive Functions Program Implementation plan,  RNBC Education staff visiting classrooms, meeting with teachers, and demonstrating lessons in classrooms for specific grades. Each consultative visit will also include a review and updating of the Implementation Plan developed at the beginning of the program and revised as necessary at previous consultation sessions.

On-Site Student Assessments and Written Reports

RNBC Education staff will conduct two students assessments (one during the fall and a second in the spring) using our Executive Functions Student Assessment (EFSA) process to measure the level of student success in managing time and materials as part of the program.

Based on the two student assessments, we will provide two written reports, summarizing EFSA results. In addition, we will produce a final summary report for staff and administrative review at the end of the school year.

Parent Presentation

Participating schools often feel it would be helpful for RNBC to conduct a Parent presentation to provide parents with information about the purpose of the Executive Functions Program, the processes and materials that will be used to implement it and ways they can support skill development in the home environment.