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At our clinic we provide a range of in-person and virtual services. Our dedicated team of neuropsychologists and speech pathologists have experience addressing a wide range of challenges and work to help identify each child’s unique set of strengths and challenges.
All are welcome!
Our clinic welcomes all individuals with respect for diversity broadly defined in terms of race, culture, ethnicity, sexual orientation, age, religious beliefs, socioeconomic status, disability, gender identity, and other individual differences. 
Training Clinic
Rush University is training the next generation of healthcare providers. As a member of Rush University, Rush Neurobehavioral Center partners with local graduate programs to provide clinical training to doctoral level psychology students. Direct services at RNBC may be provided either directly by or with the support of a graduate student under the direct supervision of a licensed clinic psychologist.

Neuropsychological Assessment

RNBC is well-known for conducting extremely throughout, accurate, and sensitive assessments. Our clinical assessments consist of various components including spending time with the child, reviewing medical and school records, consulting with other professionals who have treated the child, observing the child at school, and detailed neurobehavioral assessments.

We offer testing services for children as young as 18 months of age through young adults. Tests are designed to assess specific problems such as symptoms related to ADHD, learning disabilities, emotional or behavioral problems, social difficulties, or developmental delays. The number of hours required for testing can vary according to the presenting problem and the age of the child. The tests help determine the child’s emotional status, how the child processes different kinds of information, academic functioning, social abilities and the nature of a child’s problem-solving skills.

Virtual Developmental Assessments

We are proud to offer virtual developmental assessments for children 4 and under. During this assessment process, caregivers who are concerned with their child’s development will meet virtually with a neuropsychologist over the course of two or three virtual sessions. During this time, the clinician will complete a comprehensive developmental interview and guide your through a standardized virtual assessment via video observation. 

Speech and Language Assessments

We offer testing services for children as young as 18 months through young adults. Testing is designed to assess for specific problems such as symptoms related to communication disorders including difficulties with oral-motor movement and articulation, language challenges, such as receptive and expressive language development, social pragmatics, reading challenges, and stuttering. 


Children who are sometimes thought to be difficult, lazy, or unmotivated often have an unrecognized neurobehavioral issue. These issues are identified by a specific pattern of cognitive, social, emotional, and/or behavioral difficulty. There are a variety of neurobehavioral issues including:

  • Language based learning disability
  • Nonverbal learning disability
  • Attention Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder
  • Tourette’s Syndrome
  • Autism Spectrum Disorder
  • Executive Functions Disorder
  • Communication Disorders

Rush NeuroBehavioral Center (RNBC) offers multiple disciplines and coordinated services within a single clinical environment to address the needs of children, families, teachers, and other professionals. In addition to the services we provide, many schools, hospitals, universities, and community organizations offer resources to a child with neurobehavioral disorders.

Yes.….Your child IS okay. With the appropriate diagnosis, treatment, and support your child will be able to achieve his or her full potential academically, socially, and emotionally. As a child learns compensatory strategies through coaching, tutoring, and remediation, he or she learns to build on strengths. 

The assessment process varies from child to child based on the areas of concern and age of the child. Generally, you can expect a parent intake session (1–1.5 hours), 6–9 hours of testing, consultation with teachers and other involved professionals, a written report with tailored recommendations, and a parent feedback session. Depending on the child’s age, the clinician is also available to provide a child feedback session. Depending on the needs of the assessment, the speech-language pathologist can be brought in as a part of the assessment as well. Finally, we feel it’s important to have the clinicians attend a school meeting to share evaluation results and advocate for appropriate support. From intake to feedback, the process may take four to six weeks.

Our assessments are comprehensive and cover a broad range of domains. Depending on the presenting problems and concerns, the child may complete tests that measure the following:

  • Cognitive abilities
  • Academic achievement
  • Language Development
  • Memory and learning skills
  • Attention and Executive Functioning
  • Visual-Motor Abilities
  • Social-emotional functioning
  • Personality and self-concept

The clinician may explore some these areas more in-depth. For example, a child with learning difficulties may undergo a full diagnostic reading battery to identify the processes contributing to their deficits.

In addition to direct testing with the child, information about these domains is gathered from parents, teachers, school support staff, physicians or other professionals already working with the child. The clinician may also wish to observe the child in the school setting.

As a member of Rush University, Rush Neurobehavioral Center partners with local graduate programs to provide clinical training to doctoral level psychology students. Direct services at RNBC may be provided either directly by or with the support of a graduate student under the direct supervision of a licensed clinic psychologist. Our dedication to teaching and mentorship helps guarantee that the next generation of clinical psychologists will be equally competent in providing empirically-based care to children and families.

RNBC supervising clinicians are doctoral level clinical psychologists and neuropsychologists who are trained in a range of neuropsychological, psycho-educational, and developmental assessment methods. They are experts in understanding, assessing, and treating neurobehavioral disorders. RNBC boasts a multidisciplinary team of individuals who work together to diagnose and treat children and adolescents with a variety of disorders. In addition to psychologists, our clinical team includes school psychologists, and a speech-language pathologist.

Participating in an assessment may provoke anxiety. Out clinicians have extensive child-based experiences and are sensitive to developmental needs. The testing occurs over approximately two days. Children will take many breaks, enjoy snacks, and play games to break up the day. Children usually enjoy the one-on-one time and find some of the tests interesting. We recommend talking to your child before bringing them in for testing. Explain that the testing is like a “check-up” on how s/he learns and how things are going at school, at home, and with friends. The information will be used to help him/her be successful.

At Rush NeuroBehavioral Center, we believe in a multidisciplinary approach for diagnosis and treatment of children with neurobehavioral disorders. Professionals analyze data, make a diagnosis, and determine appropriate treatments for the child. Recommendations are tailored to your child’s specific needs and are selected to match not only the diagnosis but also the specific characteristics of the child. Treatment is coordinated by the diagnostician and the treatment provider on an ongoing basis.

Seeking Services?


We are currently accepting new patients for neuropsychological assessments and speech/language services.

If you are a new or existing patient seeking services at RNBC in the area of neuropsychological assessment or speech/language services, please call us at: 847–933‑9339.

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