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Dear Friends,

So much of the work at RNBC is about helping children and adolescents connect with community and to be successful. Our success in this work is made possible by many forms of good fortune for which we are incredibly grateful. During the season of giving thanks, it is fitting that we at RNBC express gratitude for the many connections that help make RNBC successful. We have the great fortune to be part of a world-class medical center and a top-notch department of Behavioral Sciences. We are grateful to the children and families who entrust us with their care. We are thankful that we count as our own some of the best clinical practitioners in the field who routinely go the extra mile to help kids and families. We are lucky to enjoy the friendship of a community of outstanding providers within and outside of the Rush family. We are fortunate to have creative and productive researchers and educators pushing the boundaries of what is possible. We are lucky to have a passionate Advisory Board who provide expertise and generous support. And we are fortunate to benefit from a generous community of supporters, who generously invest in our work of improving children’s lives. When I reflect on the incredible work my colleagues do on behalf of children and families, it sometimes seems like magic. But really, it’s not. It’s what happens when you bring great skill and passion to bear on important problems with the support and trust of an amazing community. For all of you who make our work possible, please accept my deepest thanks.


Clark McKown
Rush NeuroBehavioral Center