Education Team

The RNBC Education Team

RNBC’s Educational Services Team provides schools, students, and families with the Executive Function skills and strategies needed to succeed in school and life.

Georgia Bozeday Ed.D.

Director of services

Education and Training

  • National-Louis University, Ed.D., Curriculum and Social Justice
  • Post Masters Certification Programs: School Administration, Learning Disabilities, M.Ed., Early Childhood Education
  • Northwestern University, B.S., Speech and Language Pathology
  • State Verification in Gifted Education
  • Illinois School Certification: Administration, Learning Disabilities, Speech and Language Pathology, and Gifted Education

Areas of Expertise

  • Executive Functions
  • Curriculum Design and Implementation
  • Flexible Service Delivery Model for Special and Gifted Education
  • Constructing and Applying Intervention Strategies: Learning, Social/Emotional, and Behavioral Areas
  • Social-Emotional Curriculum Development
  • Character Education Programming


  • Relationship between school-wide curriculum for social-emotional learning and school climate
  • Implementing an intervention-based, problem-solving model in a school program for flexible service delivery
  • Using school-related authentic measurements within an executive functions system
Michael E. Smith 

Senior Education Specialist

Areas of Expertise

    • Executive Function Coach
    • Middle and High School Curriculum Development
    • College Readiness Skills
    • Teaching Technology

My Executive Function Strengths:

    • Managing Time
    • Goal Setting
    • Organizing my workspace
    • Knowing my Learning Preferences

My Executive Function Challenges:

    • Maintaining Focus
    • Regulating Attention
    • Task Initiation

Allie Baron

Early Childhood Education 

Areas of Expertise

  • Early Childhood and Primary Curriculum Development
  • Youth Development
  • Project Coordinator

My Executive Function Strengths:

  • Self-Regulation
  • Organization
  • Time Management
  • Problem-Solving

My Executive Function Challenges:

  • Maintaining Focus
  • Task Completion

Cate Gonley

Program Coordinator

Areas of Expertise

  • Operations Manager
  • Products and Services Coordinator

My Executive Function Strengths:

  • Note-taking
  • Organization
  • Communication
  • Time Management

My Executive Function Challenges:

  • Task Switching