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New! Student & Family Executive Function Workshops — Click here for more detailed information and to register!

Rush NeuroBehavioral Center recognizes that many students cannot achieve their full potential without tutoring help to develop Executive Function skills. We offer fee‐based tutoring at RNBC. Sessions typically last 50 minutes. RNBC professionals will:

  • Assess the student’s strengths, weaknesses, and interests
  • Review any prior diagnostic testing
  • Evaluate the student’s work samples
  • Develop Executive Function goals
  • Implement the tutoring plan over the appropriate period of time to achieve the goals

Other fee‐based services that are available:

  • Consultations with parents, schools, and other professionals
  • Observations of students (at home, at school, or both)
  • Individualized Educational Planning consultation (IEP)
  • Review of records and report writing