Q&A: Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction

Admin/ November 28, 2012/ Special Features

by Camaree Turman Click Here for Printable pdf Version Q&A: Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction I had an engaging conversation with Dr. Bernadette Evans-Smith Clinical Director and Licensed Clinical Psychologist at RNBC.  Dr. Evans-Smith offered great insight into Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction, it’s effectiveness in helping children with Autism Spectrum Disorders and ADHD, and how parents can help their children reduce stress and improve attentiveness with

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So Simple a Child Can Do It

Admin/ November 27, 2012/ Sharing Stories

Click Here for Printable pdf In some ways, learning to be mindful, to focus attention and to relieve stress, is so simple a child can do it. I was reminded of this last month in the course of doing an observation at a kindergarten. I’d watched the children begin the day in their home classroom, then followed the class as

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Q&A: Tips to Stay Ahead of the Curve

Admin/ October 29, 2012/ Special Features

by Camaree Turman Click Here for Printable pdf Version Recently, I caught up with Michael Smith, Education Specialist and Executive Functions Tutor at RNBC.  Mike offered great tips on how parents can help their students stay organized and stay active to stay academically ahead of the curve. Camaree Turman: We are now transitioning from the back-to-school time to the progress report

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Prep for Parent Teacher Conferences

Admin/ October 29, 2012/ Special Features

by Barbara Resnick, MA RNBC Education Specialist/School Liaison Click Here for Printable pdf Most elementary and high schools offer parent/teacher conferences in October and November. Conferences can move very quickly. Often only a short amount of time may be scheduled for each student. The meeting can be more productive and meaningful if parents spend some time preparing beforehand. Prior to

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Three of a Kind?

Admin/ October 24, 2012/ Sharing Stories, Uncategorized

Click Here for Printable pdf Version Recently I got a call from a school principal I’ll call Laura who was concerned because of what she called “an epidemic” of ADHD in a first grade classroom. “There are three little girls we’re all having a hard time working with,” she explained. “They’re sweet, they’re affectionate, they want to please their teacher,

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When Anxiety Interferes

Admin/ September 24, 2012/ Special Features

By Andrea Victor, Ph.D. As Seen in Make It Better Magazine Click here for printable pdf version When a child is feeling anxious, he or she can feel helpless. At the same time, it can be frustrating for parents. You want to help, but maybe don’t know the best way to manage their fears. The good news is there are strategies

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Not Another Word About College!

Admin/ September 18, 2012/ Sharing Stories

Click Here for Printable pdf Version I saw Janine about two weeks before the beginning of school. Sixteen, with brown hair in a pixie cut, and wearing a baggy T shirt and short shorts, she slouched comfortably, one leg thrown over the arm of the chair in my office. I had treated Janine for anxiety for more than two years,

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Tips for Building Resilience in Children

Admin/ September 18, 2012/ Special Features

By Erin Caskey, Licensed Clinical Psychologist at RNBC Click Here for Printable pdf Version All parents want their children to be happy, successful, and satisfied with their lives.  One vital component in achieving these goals is resilience.  Resilience is the capacity to cope with adversity, manage difficult situations, and learn from disappointments.  While early research focused on children who overcame great

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Dr. Nicole Russo-Ponsaran Awarded “Young Investigator” by the National Fragile X Foundation

Admin/ August 27, 2012/ News Releases

  By Camaree Turman Congratulations to RNBC’s Associate Research Director Nicole Russo-Ponsaran, PhD, on being honored with the Young Investigator Award by the National Fragile X Foundation. Russo-Ponsaran received the award at the 13th International Fragile X Conference held in Miami, July 27–29, 2012. A total of ten Young Investigator Awards were given at the conference.  Awardees were selected based

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Beating Back-to-School Jitters

Admin/ August 6, 2012/ Special Features

by Leslie Baer Cohen, Ph.D. Child Clinical Psychologist As summer camp ends and school supplies begin piling up on store shelves, many children begin to experience waves of both anticipation and apprehension.  It is normal for children to experience some degree of anxiety prior to the school year.  For children starting school for the first time, or older kids who

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